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Looking for the best custom neon suppliers for a sign for a wedding, event or for a shop?

We are excited to announce that our friends from Beyond Neon Signs located in Marrickville, Sydney have just launched there new site. They are #1 destination for personalised Neon Light signs in Australia. They offer affordable custom made LED neon flex signs with you custom text or logo.

For more info visit –

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Our friends from Pistol Clothing have just launched there new Fast Custom Tees website! 

Pistol Clothing is Australia’s first leading Online T-Shirt Designer. Offering high quality and affordable fast custom clothing online. Design your own printed T-Shirts by customising your own text, photos or Logo onto our range of customisable tees. We are dedicated to providing amazing fast printed apparel at great value pricing. We value each customer operating from Marrickville in Sydney, with all garments printed in Australia for quality control and fast tee delivery.

custom tees dydney

New Custom Tee Designer launched


Printed Workwear Online

Our friends at Printed Workwear Online have just launched there brand new website – Printed Workwear is Australia’s number #1 online destination for Fast Personalised & Embroidered Work Clothes that gives your company the edge.

Custom Printed Workwear was created to help offer High Quality Custom Workwear Clothing Online, at affordable wholesale pricing. Our easy to use website allows customers to easily order online their printed workwear using Retail Quality embroidery stitching. Offering over 500+ latest clothing styles to choose from Printed Workwear
is your #1 destination for Custom Printed Workwear Clothing.

Shop our huge range of Embroidered T-Shirts & Singlets, Embroidered Polos, Custom Hoodies, Business Dress Shirts, Outdoor Jackets, High Vis Workwear Tradewear Clothing, Embroidered Caps. You Design it – We Embroider it! We have over 500+ Latest Styles for Embroidering Company Logos. Design your personalised shirts and clothing online with FREE Shipping with very order. Printed Workwear is 24/7 Custom Clothing Online at its best. Design Embroidered Shirts Online today! We are Printed Workwear Australia.



Our friends at Cosmic Sunday have just launched their new website!



We work together with the best Australian and International artists, to ensure all your cushions have been professionally designed. Each cushion is hand printed, sewn, stitched with the utmost care and devotion. All our designer cushions are printed in Australia. We are committed to offering you the highest quality products with each cushion cover backed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Furthermore, each month we donate $5 of each product sold to a different charity every month.


Please visit their website for more details –


Australia’s Custom Printing Specialist – New Pistol Clothing have launched a new competition offering users the change to win $2,500 AUD worth of Custom-Printed Clothing. The winner of the competition would be entitled to printing their own artwork onto 50 Fashion tees, 20 Coffee Mugs and have their art embroidered onto 20 Baseball Caps. New Pistol Clothing is Australia’s first online custom t-shirt website service launched in 2006. The competition is open to both new and existing members from their face-book site, Australian residents only. New Pistol Clothing uses high-end retail, digital technology Kornit printing machinery to meet customers expectation and complete orders. Marketing Manager for New Pistol Clothing, Joshua Singer, said that “The competition has been on the cards for a while now, and we are glad it’s open.” He also said that “It’s a great opportunity for anyone who’s ever wanted to print their own customised clothing, it could be for a band, business, charity, school or event or even for yourself!”

To enter the competition visit – New Pistol Clothing face-book site, and follow the links –

What an amazing time we had photographing our printed t-shirt range. A big thanks to our models Lauren and David who did an amazing job. Here is a sneak preview of the photos! For more information on ordering your own printed t-shirts, contact your local t-shirt print supplier –

Custom Printed T Shirt Suppliers

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Fast Custom TShirt Printing

Fast Custom TShirt Printing

We are pleased to announce that after alot of hard work from our design and development team – our new Custom TShirt Website is live! The new website was designed around a simple idea of making it very simple for customers to navigate and order their printed tshirts, in an easy and fast manner. Using the latest in website technology including html5, the new system is alot faster and more compatible with today’s internet’s website browsers. Visit – #1 for Custom Clothing Australia – to view our new website.


A recent photoshoot taken for his new lookbook

Interview by The New Pistol Clothing


tooth logo tee email

Dirty Rotten – How did you come up with this name? And what does it mean?
The name ‘Dirty Rotten’ actually was made up by my buddy Josh Ku who originally started the label with me. I’m not exactly sure where he came up with it but it really seemed to fit my drawing style, seeing as I was mainly drawing grotesque monsters and zombies. Lately though I’ve really embraced the name as it generated the idea of the ‘Rotten tooth’ logo.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your t-shirt designs?
Well the latest range were mainly inspired by tooth puns like ‘You can’t handle the Tooth’ and ‘The Tooth is out there’ and it’s a direction I really want to follow as it’s super fun and I think it gives the audience something to connect with. Otherwise designs either come about just as weird ideas I think up or inspired by anything I see when I’m out and about. You can literally find inspiration anywhere!

Name a few artists you feel you are influenced by
I’m most influenced by artists and designers who work with clients inside the hardcore rock/metal genre. Guys like Dan Mumford and Godmachine have always been a huge influence on me but lately I’ve been taking a lot of inspiration from guys like Tom J Newell and an Australian designer Stay Bold. They’re style of work just speaks to me the most and for me communicates the idea or message of the work most effectively. There’s also a few local artists who have helped to shape my work today and I’m lucky to have creative friends to help steer me in the right directions.

What are you working on right now for your next artwork?
At the moment I’ve just been working on some different merch designs for bands and finishing creating the Dirty Rotten tooth mascot which was super fun. Other than that I don’t have any major projects as I’ve just released the Spring/Summer range so I’m taking it easy for the rest of the month before the process starts all over again.


Where do you see your label growing into in the future?
World domination is the name of the game haha. In all seriousness I’m not sure exactly where it will grow too, there’s my hopes for where it will go and then there’s how it will actually go, at the moment I’m pushing it further into the punk scene audience so I hope it will take hold as a known label in that industry, but the big idea behind the brand was that it would always be a label that anyone, no matter what they’re into,  young or old, can be happy to rock. This has pretty much been one of the biggest challenges; I’ve spent a lot of time waiting to see exactly who to market towards as I never wanted to get tagged as a specific label like surf or skate. My overall goal for the label is to keep it boutique, I really like the business model that the brand Johnny Cupcakes has taken and it’s exactly how I want Dirty Rotten to be run, a unique brand with a special experience every time. The difference I see with Dirty Rotten is we are focused more so on illustration and it’s my dream to be able to give back to that community and help promote the talented individuals I know who aren’t getting the exposure they deserve.


How important is getting known bands like Tonight Alive to wear your clothes as a form of promotion.
Getting the guys in Tonight Alive to rock my stuff has been one of the coolest things that could happen to this label. Those guys are super supportive and it’s important to have people like that seen in your threads to help get the message out to kids that if they believe in the brand enough to wear it must have something going for it. I like to think of it as building a family around the brand, by surrounding the label with people that are looked up to and who are doing amazing things, not just bands but good people who are making the most of what they’re doing helps to create a positive culture associated with the Dirty Rotten and hopefully inspire people to become a part of that culture.

human vs tech

What made you decide one day – “I’m going to start a clothing label”
It came out of a desire to be able to get my illustrations out there. I knew for a while that I wanted to become a freelance Illustrator but I wasn’t getting consistent work and was sick of just posting up pictures of my stuff just stand alone. It was then I knew I wanted to try print some tees and that’s pretty much how it started. I guess I’ve always been inspired by brands like Mambo and always loved tees which had really good illustrations so I think that the impulse to print my own has always been there.

What’s your fave colour?
I really don’t have a favourite colour I guess, maybe blue or green…..I’m most interested in colours that contrast and really make each other pop!

Are you a better Surfer or Designer?
Haha I think I’m pretty average at both but I guess I’ve had more success with my designs so I’ll have to say Designer.

What’s your most fave piece of design you have Illustrated and Why?
Hmmmmmm this is a tough one. I  think I’ll have to say this comic book thing I made up last year. The story makes no sense and some of the illustrations are pretty shabby but it’s 16 frames I had to finish in a week working up to 16 hours a day just to get it done. It’s also printed 1m x 1m and is up on my wall acting as a constant reminder of how hard I can work if I have to haha very sentimental.

comic final

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Online T-Shirt Designer
Online T-Shirt Designer –

How to set up your artwork file to upload on our Online T-Shirt Designer

Currently our t-shirt designer only allows you to upload these image formats: PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP. We suggest your files to be setup at 300 DPI and uploaded at least 30 cm wide if your printing a full coverage on the t-shirt. Don’t worry if your photo is not to scale, when your order comes through – our Design team will match and resize closely the size you need based on the t-shirt design proof.

If you want your image to be transparently printed (e.g. with no white in the background) we suggest you to save your image as a transparent PNG file. You will then be able to see the image preview on the t-shirt without the background.

Please also note that your file needs to be under 10MB in size for your file to be uploaded.

All images that goto print will be converted into CMYK before going to print. To get a more accurate view of how it will look before going to print – you can always check to see in your graphics program how it will look in CMYK.

We don’t recommend you to upload your file in CMYK mode – as the image preview won’t display in our t-shirt designer application. So please use RGB mode only.

The digital printing process cannot use Spot Colour PMS colours, but we can get close. All dark garments printed will be printed with 2 coats of white + colour – to ensure a vibrant colour print is produced If you feel that you want to send in a more specific file after you have placed your order, you can email us after with your order number and attach any high resolution files such as PDF or EPS files and we can use those files before going to print.

Any low resolution web images uploaded will be printed at the risk of the person uploading and we don’t guarantee the best quality printing, if a low resolution file us used. If your unsure about the quality of your image – you can contact us and one of our team members will advise if your artwork is suitable for printing.

Remember – High Quality files means High Quality prints! Happy T-Shirt Printing.

Sending large artwork files
If your file is too big to email across we recommend the use of websites such as:

To send through your high quality big files.

Custom Bag Printing

Here at Pistol Clothing, we are always up for a challenge. Most people don’t realise but we don’t just print t-shirts! We do alot of custom requests for printing such as these 100% cotton Custom Tote Canvas Bags. The digital technology we use to print on these bags, gives it a light soft print feel and making it economic for full colour print runs. Printing on bags is a great promotional tool, especially when you give it to your customers.